Total War: ATTILA (Sega 2015)

  • „A militant musical score that brilliantly anchors the game’s atmosphere.“
  • „The soundtrack is great, as expected…“
  • „’Attila’ has a beautiful soundtrack that has a different flavor depending on the faction controlled. The Huns have a more tribal, percussive beat, while the Romans are accompanied by a stately sound.“
  • „The soundtrack for the game deserves a mention, as it is a pearl that I really want to buy for my iPod. Many tracks feature music that sounds like it is straight from the vast unending Steppes and really brings a Hunnic atmosphere to the game. “

ANNO 2205 (Ubisoft 2015)

  • „A great soundtrack!“
  • „The music is telling a story, a very exciting one. Ultimately this is a very exciting score as well, one that I really enjoyed listening to and will listen to again“
  • „I am a fan! These city building games don’t require the same type of soundtrack that a game like Call of Duty does. It needs something far more subtle, gentle. Something that allows, enhances your thinking, planning. This soundtrack does this to perfection. “
  • „In comparison to the previous one, Anno 2070, this soundtrack is even better as it perfectly serve as a ambient music. It much more peacful, gives the uniqe atmosphere, and is not as “pathetic.” Simply perfect.“
  • „The music is equally as impressive, boasting a rousing, triumphant soundtrack that emphasizes the player’s feeling of omnipotent power over their society.“
  • „Great Soundtrack!”.“

Ryse: Son of Rome (Microsoft 2013)

  • „A stunning soundtrack, with stunning and epic songs very much in tune with the action that takes place in the game.“
  • Thevikingfrog: „The music is of epic proportions and really went to the next level, I think hardcore Hollywood blockbuster when I hear the soundtrack. The music is incredible and gets you in that epic battle mood and makes you feel even more awesome than you already are. If only every game had a soundtrack like this!“
  • „The audio matches the “epic” vibe of Ryse: Son of Rome with an excellent soundtrack.“
  • „The soundtrack also matches the incredible visual flair with a rollicking score.“
  • „The sound of RSoR is a cinematic joy to behold with a sweeping soundtrack by composer Tilman Sillescu.“
  • „Also, the soundtrack that rumbles with the echoes of horns and war drums will immerse you in the experience of combat. Ryse delivers an ear shattering experience that will make you yell “Sparta!”.“

Anno 1404 (Ubisoft 2009)


  • „In my opinion, the soundtrack is a masterpiece!“
  • PCGames: „What wonderful music arrangements! Anno1404 enthuses with a musical backup which surpasses even the previous episodes. It can easily face the challenge with successful filmmusic.“
  • Cineastentreff: „…an ingenious orchestral soundtrack that would perfectly suit a big Hollywood-production.“
  • Spiele@t-online: “The dazzling presentation is perfected by the magnificent soundtrack.“
  • Gameradio: „Due to a first-class soundtrack, a supremely positive atmosphere is achieved.“
  • Gamerlobby: „The soundtrack is at the highest level and pampers us with excellent musical backup.“
  • Gnomgames: „The soundtrack offers an outstanding sound quality.“
  • Gamesvote: „… a really beautiful soundtrack that suits the game perfectly.“
  • Gameswelt: „More than only well-done! Brilliant music at a high orchestral level.“
  • Onlinewelten: „Awesome soundtrack!“
  • Focus: „The wonderful soundtrack deserves highest praise. All in all very worth listening to.“
  • Gamepro: „The soundtrack is simply ingenious!“
  • Derwesten: „You will hardly find such an impressing atmosphere like in Anno1404. The instrumental soundtrack is responsible for this. The beautiful pieces are played by the Staatsorchester Halle. (…) The soundtrack of Anno1404 is not only coherent but also very nice to listen to.“
  • Campus-TV: „The music causes a euphoric mood and makes you wish for more.“
  • Sevengames: „…amazing soundtrack.“
  • Looki: „Is there a perfect music for this kind of genre? If yes, Anno1404 is immensely close.“
  • 4players: „…gorgeous soundtrack.“
  • Gamona: „…very well done soundtrack“

BattleForge (EA 2009)


  • Computerbild: „This epos is highlighted by a gigantic soundtrack.“
  • „…a dynamic, engaging soundtrack“
  • „…the score is beautifully orchestrated and dynamic.“
  • PCPointer: „The game is accompanied by an orchestral, powerful soundtrack which sometimes reminds me  of Lord of the rings. The music fits very well and enforces the atmosphere intensely.“
  • Demonews: “The soundtrack features many epic orchestral melodies that fit very well into the events.“
  • Gameradio: „The fantasy atmosphere is well caught and so the epic soundtrack fully convinces.“
  • Gbase: „The soundtrack ist bombastic, very well done.“
  • Looki: „Epic! The sound is entirely convincing. The music skillfully rises the whole range of the story.“
  • Next2Games: „The awesome battles are boosted by a fulminant soundtrack.“
  • Chip: „…a fantastic soundtrack!“
  • Computerbase: „…a breathtaking bombastic soundtrack.“
  • „…great sound track!“

John Woo’s Stranglehold (Midway 2007)


  • „…an exciting soundtrack.“
  • 4players: „…outstanding soundtrack.“
  • „Stranglehold has a fantastic soundtrack that adds to the cinematic feel of the game and punctuates the cut scenes perfectly.“
  • „…you’re guaranteed to feel an adrenaline rush listening to the soundtrack.“
  • „The soundtrack of Stranglehold suits the genre perfectly.“
  • „Sound is equally impressive, with a perfectly suited soundtrack.“
  • Acegamez: „When it comes to the music, Stranglehold’s soundtrack merges hard hitting orchestral pieces with some nice Asian-influenced string sections, but due to the constant frenetic action, the only time you’re likely to really notice it is the clever music notes that hit during certain gameplay moments to signify that you’ve either earned a new Tequila Bomb or cleared every enemy from the screen!“
  • „The soundtrack is a nice mix of typically bombastic orchestral pieces and some Asian-flavored string sections.“
  • „The game’s music is a standout, though, and player’s will be charging up the Tequila Bomb meter just to perform the Spin Attack to hear the sound of Tequila’s theme music. There’s a solid mix of East and West in the soundtrack, with rising dynamic action music during fights and an Eastern cinema feel during the level exploration and cutscenes.“
  • „The game’s soundtrack is wonderfully cinematic and intense and it picks up at all the right moments in the game. In fact, the soundtrack is quite possibly the best thing about the sound.“
  • „The audio segment of Stranglehold is extremely satisfying. The sound effects are incredibly entertaining to listen to, with accurate sounds for everything from bullets hitting a tile, to a roll cart on a granite floor. Special music is played during the course of the Tequila Bomb attacks, as well as during boss fights, adding ambiance to the game. When Tequila is near death with little health, the sound of a heart beat may be heard. The music in the game is a collection of rock music fused with old fashioned Chinese music, which helps set the background of the story extremely well.”

ParaWorld (Sunflowers 2006)


  • PCGames: „The soundtrack is creating an unbelievable atmosphere.“
  • Ksourcerer: „The score and soundtrack is one of the best in gaming to date.”
  • IGN: „Terrific music!“
  • Gbase: „The orchestral soundtrack is absotutely cinematic!“
  • Gameswelt: „…excellent soundtrack.“
  • Yiya: „Dynamedion’s composers, above all Tilman Sillescu, once more contributed an outstanding and memorable soundtrack.“
  • Gsoundtracks: „…an effort that is uncompromising in its epic scale and grandeur . The game’s “Maintheme” bursts with energy. The theme is humable and has an almost tongue-in-cheek over the top heroic quality. The slow moving percussion mimicking a dinosaur’s heavy slow-paced movement deserves special attention, especially in combination with strong brass performances on top of it. Just as interesting is the middle section of that particular cue for it introduces ethnic writing in the form of a tribal woodwind symbolizing the primitive and natural world the game takes place in. It even offers a little motif that gets hinted at here and there. (…)the listening experience is rewarding and challenging at the same time. Overall, the score is an impressive effort.“
  • „One listen to the depth of melodies and exotic textures that the music offers quickly indicates that this is music worthy of any genre or medium. The flow of this score is impeccable, creating a listening experience that is full of surprises and entertainment. In fact, it’s the type of soundtrack that’s easy to get lost in! Through vast lands, foreign landscapes and formidable foes, “Paraworld” has a story to tell through its music. To that end, I enjoyed the vast majority of the score. It’s simply a solid, captivating effort that fans of thematic orchestral music will enjoy. I look forward to hearing more that Dynamedion has to offer…“
  • Sevengames: „The very good soundtrack fits optimally to the ambience.“
  • „well-composed soundtrack that fits the game perfectly.
  • Chip: „ …a convincing cineastic soundtrack!“
  • „…an excellent soundtrack.“
  • Darkzero: „The background music is beautifully composed and is truly fitting for the game.“
  • Mobygames: „ParaWorld is a joy to look at and listen to.“
  • Dooyoo: „…superb music!“

Spellforce2 (Jowood, VG2006):


  • GEE-Mag: „One of the best ten game-soundtracks all time. Sounds classical in the best way.“
  • Pcgames: „The sound impresses with grandiose music tracks.“
  • Gameradio: „Awesome! The music is first class!“
  • SF-Gamers: „…an overwhelming soundtrack.“
  • „Spellforce 2: Shadow Wars does a great job in underscoring an epic fantasy game. The use of real orchestra helps the music to become more natural and emotional and the thunderous brass and percussion in the action cues sound spectacular. If you are a fan of fantasy role-playing/strategy game music and don’t mind some derivations from LotR, this is definitely a score for you.“
  • 4players: „The soundtrack is as powerful as the intro. What the composers of Dynamedion did is really impressive and can easily compete with the epic scores of Oblivion or Lord of the Rings..“
  • „It has a pleasant soundtrack that can hang with the best of the fantasy genre…“
  • „ …the soundtrack is really amazing.“
  • „The soundtrack is very, very good, and can stand side-by-side with Diablo 2, Morrowind, the Baldur’s Gate series and Divine Divinity. It has the right kind of grandeur and epic scope and lends the perfect aural atmosphere to the doings on-screen.“
  • „…another blisteringly good soundtrack.“
  • Gbase: „…music full of atmosphere, way beyond competition.“
  • „From the somber opening of “Cenwen” sung by vocalist Conny Kollet, it’s clear that the SpellForce franchise takes its fantasy music very seriously. This dedication has allowed the series to achieve some lofty heights musically in more recent years, but even back in 2004 there was clearly a spark of greatness. The 16 tracks, which clock in around 49:33, can be at times cold and distant, at other times powerful and exciting. On the whole the music from SpellForce: The Breath of Winter carries with it all the magic and might of the fantasy realm from which it springs.”
  • „…a fantastic soundtrack!“
  • Yiya: „I was enchanted by the catchy title song. The elve-like vocals and the different tracks are in a class of their own. In the region of Dun Mora there is such a heartbreaking melodie that you are fully able to get into the situation of the elves. I know I am very enthusiastic but the music really deserves particular reference.“
  • PCPlayer: „The music is a pleasant surprise. An extremely felicitous soundtrack with many catchy tunes in it. Spellforce2′s music absolutely stands in the forefront of videogames.“