Symphony No.1 NACHTLICHTER – out now!

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Tilmans Symphony No.1 NACHTLICHTER (Nocturnal Lights) is released today on the Label GENUIN Classics.

Tilman about his work: while composing the symphony, I always had nocturnal scenes, thoughts and even images of nature in mind. The sound aesthetics and structure of the first movement remind me at times of an inscrutable forest at night. A forest, in which strange things can happen, some frightening, some distressing, some wonderful things – perhaps at times it is also a kind of forest of thoughts. It is like a complex organism which I try to explore in a musical way. Much of the music came into being in the evening or even in the night, and must have also occupied me during my sleep because I kept being awo- ken by musical ideas for NACHTLICHTER. As a result, perhaps even a little “dreamed” music made its way into the symphony.

Check out the trailer and watch excerpts from the orchestra performing the symphony:


Here is the link to Spotify:


You can buy the AUDIO CD at GENUIN Classics: GENUIN Classics – NACHTLICHTER

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What others Say

Mike Patti/Mike Barry, Cinesamples: "Tilman Sillescu was fantastically pleasant and professional to work with. He immediately understood our description of what was needed and with his first delivery hit the mark perfectly, exceeding our expectations. The music is precise and powerful, deceivingly realistic. We will be sure to work with him in the future."