AGE OF EMPIRES IV – Lead Composer

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Age of Empires is known as one of the best ever real-time-strategy games. People continue to play the previous installments of the franchise in massive tournaments online, as well as the more recently released Definitive Edition titles. For some time, fans have asked for a brand new entry to the franchise.

Working together, Relic Entertainment and World’s Edge have delivered and answered. Big time. After a sixteen-year hiatus, Age of Empires has returned with an all-new edition, with a soundtrack which we nearly completely composed and recorded.

“Our team has really given everything to live up to the huge expectations of this great brand,” our lead composer Tilman Sillescu said about working with Relic. “This project was more than just a video game – there is so much enthusiasm for history, culture, and all the peculiarities of the two. We at Dynamedion hope that enthusiasm carries over to the players.”

Enjoy listening to Tilmans Main Theme: Age of Empires IV – Main Theme


Composers: Tilman Sillescu, Alex Röder, Henning Nugel, Armin Haas, Mikolai Stroinski

Orchestrated by: David Christiansen

Live Recordings produced by: Dynamedion

Exceutive Producer: Lin Gardiner 

Mixed by: Rupert Coulson 

Mastered by: Gavin Lurrsen

Production Support: Savannah Harrison


“…amazing job, seriously. The ingame music is a Masterpiece. It gives you chills, it lets you feel heroic, it sets the mood, the tone. Rarely I have seen anything comparable…Well done.”

“Sound design and music design of this game is astounding… 10/10”

“EXCELLENT JOB to everyone involved in music and sound.“

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What others Say

Mike Patti/Mike Barry, Cinesamples: "Tilman Sillescu was fantastically pleasant and professional to work with. He immediately understood our description of what was needed and with his first delivery hit the mark perfectly, exceeding our expectations. The music is precise and powerful, deceivingly realistic. We will be sure to work with him in the future."