Motion picture film “Liliane Susewind – ein tierisches Abenteuer”

Motion picture film “Liliane Susewind – ein tierisches Abenteuer”

Last Sunday, Dynamedion composers Tilman Sillescu, Matthias Wolf & Chris Wirtz were invited to the movie premiere in Cologne (Germany). “Liliane Susewind – Ein tierisches Abenteuer” will be shown in cinemas from May 10th with music composition and live orchestra recordings by Dynamedion.

Joachim Masannek (known for the “Die Wilden Kerle” series) created a truly wonderful children’s film, based on the famous books from Tanya Stewner and it was a great pleasure for us being a part of it.

Writing music for this imaginative story was a very special experience. Tilman revealed some insights on Dynamedion’s website:

“After the many action-packed adventure movies that we have provided with music for the production company Dreamtool in the past, it was a completely new challenge to compose music for our first children’s film for the big screen. It was really great to create the film music for this beautiful setting at Paradisia Zoo together with the brilliant Riad Abdel-Nabi: a little bit of Hollywood adventure, some ethnic-exotic flavours like African flutes and Kalimbas, plus the great film songs of Riad, sung by Faye Montana, everything went perfectly together. With our Dynamedion Composerteam (Matthias Wolf, Christian Wirtz, Benny Oschmann and Steffen Brinkmann) we worked flat out for 5 months and finally recorded the music with a large full-scale symphonic orchestra. We have been working together successfully with Dreamtool for many years – it was also a new and super exciting experience to work together with director Joachim Massanek. I like to remember the 2-day spotting session with Joachim and Felix Zackor and Sybille Illner from Dreamtool in Berlin. Actually, only half a day was scheduled for the whole meeting, but late in the evening we were still not through – so I was spontaneously booked a hotel room and we made full use of the next day. In the end, we spent a good 14 hours watching the film, stopped over and over again and considered in detail how we wanted to shape the music for each individual scene. It was an intensive and exciting time for all of us and of course a great thing to experience the final result and the fascinated faces of the young spectators at the premiere.”

Enjoy watching the trailer (language: German): Liliane Susewind

Composer for Injustice 2

Composer for Injustice 2

The developer behind the award-winning franchise Mortal Kombat, NetherRealm Studios together with publisher Warner Bros. Entertainment released the brand new fighting video game “INJUSTICE 2” with music composition and live orchestra recordings by Dynamedion.

Together with Christopher Drake, Richard Carle and Dan Forden we had the great joy to write several tracks for the universe of “INJUSTICE 2”. Read on if you are interested in some deeper insights into our work and enjoy reading the interview with Tilman to learn more precise details on how he wrote music for “INJUSTICE 2”: Tilman Interview

Symphony No.1 “Nachtlichter”

Aside composing soundtracks for Videogames and Movies, Tilman is currently working on a classical symphonic piece: Symphony No.1 “Nachtlichter” will contain 4 movements and is expected to be finished by the end of 2018.

The first two movements “1.Andante Moderato” and “2.Presto” are already prefinal and their first versions were recorded by the Brandenburg Philharmonic Orchestra in 2017. You can listen to the recordings on Youtube to get a first impression:

1.Andante Moderato




The AAA video game Total War: WARHAMMER II is one of the best-known games currently on the market. It’s a breathtaking experience of exploration, expansion and conquest across the New World.

Tilman was part of the team of composers and was himself assisted by his great colleagues Armin Haas & Matthias Wolf). On the Dynamedion website, he reveals some insights:

“Needless to say, getting to compose parts for „Total War: Warhammer II“ once again after the first one thrilled us immensely. With the new factions in the game it was a neat challenge to provide new and fresh tonal colors for the sequel together with the other composers. The massive epicness of this terrific game alone was inspiration enough to give everything to achieve a captivating and lively soundtrack. The recordings with the Budapest Scoring Orchestra as well as the studio choir (the ensemble was extra put together for the recordings) were a blast and the great performance of the musicians further gave the music extra beef and breathed life into it. A fantastic project!”

Enjoy watching the video and take a look at the New World!: TOTAL WAR: WARHAMMER II

Composer for Total War: WARHAMMER

Composer for Total War: WARHAMMER

Together with Audio Director Richard Beddow, Ian Livingstone & Tim Wynn, Tilman composed orchestral music for Creative Assemblys “Total War: WARHAMMER”! The soundtrack was recorded with the Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra, choir and many ethnic soloists.

“This is the dawn of a new era. Gigantic monsters, flying creatures, thousands of warriors and storms of magical power. Titanic real-time battles and addictive turn-based conquest. All at YOUR command. Our rules have changed; the only constant… is war.”

Find out more about this fantastic game here: Total War – WARHAMMER

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