Motion picture film “Liliane Susewind – ein tierisches Abenteuer”

1. Motion picture film ̶...

Last Sunday, Dynamedion composers Tilman Sillescu, Matthias Wolf & Chris Wirtz were invited to the movie premiere in Cologne (Germany). “Liliane Susewind – Ein tierisches Abenteuer” will be shown in cinemas from May 10th with...
Composer for Injustice 2

2. Composer for Injustice 2

The developer behind the award-winning franchise Mortal Kombat, NetherRealm Studios together with publisher Warner Bros. Entertainment released the brand new fighting video game “INJUSTICE 2” with music composition and live orchestra...


The AAA video game Total War: WARHAMMER II is one of the best-known games currently on the market. It’s a breathtaking experience of exploration, expansion and conquest across the New World. Tilman was part of the team of composers and...

Symphony No.1 “Nachtlichter”

Aside composing soundtracks for Videogames and Movies, Tilman is currently working on a classical symphonic piece: Symphony No.1 “Nachtlichter” will contain 4 movements and is expected to be finished by the end of 2018.

The first two movements “1.Andante Moderato” and “2.Presto” are already prefinal and their first versions were recorded by the Brandenburg Philharmonic Orchestra in 2017. You can listen to the recordings on Youtube to get a first impression:

1.Andante Moderato


Composer for Total War: WARHAMMER

Composer for Total War: WARHAMMER

Together with Audio Director Richard Beddow, Ian Livingstone & Tim Wynn, Tilman composed orchestral music for Creative Assemblys “Total War: WARHAMMER”! The soundtrack was recorded with the Budapest Scoring Symphonic Orchestra, choir and many ethnic soloists.

“This is the dawn of a new era. Gigantic monsters, flying creatures, thousands of warriors and storms of magical power. Titanic real-time battles and addictive turn-based conquest. All at YOUR command. Our rules have changed; the only constant… is war.”

Find out more about this fantastic game here: Total War – WARHAMMER

Composer for HITMAN

Composer for HITMAN

The second episode of HITMAN is released now! It sees Agent 47 travel to the beautiful, sun-drenched coastal town of Sapienza, Italy. This episode adds a new story mission, new challenges, new weapons and gear, the Italian suit and of course new targets, opportunities and disguises!

Tilman had to go back to his early roots to compose several italian 80ies style pop tracks and some easy listening jazz tunes for this cool game. Featured artists are singer Conny Kollet and Salvino, the strings were recorded with the Brandenburg Philharmonic Orchestra.

Check out Tilmans music on the Trailer here: Hitman – Sapienza Trailer

Composer for ANNO 2205

Composer for ANNO 2205

Anno 2205 is a city-building and economic simulation game, with real-time strategy elements, developed by Ubisoft Blue Byte and published by Ubisoft. 2205 is the sixth game of the Anno series, and was released on 3 November 2015. As with Anno 2070, the game is set in the future, with players having the opportunity to set up colonies on the moon.

As Dynamedions Creative Director, Tilman composed the main part of the soundtrack, which was again recorded with live orchestra and choir.

As the game is set in the future, electronic elements and modern beats have been integrated into the orchestral and choral music, achieving to preserve the monumental sound of the previous games while adding a futuristic, urban touch.

Live orchestra recordings were carried out by the Brandenburg Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Bernd Ruf. The grand choir sequences are performed by the Latvian Radio Choir. “I feel the music is telling a story, a very exciting one. Ultimately this is a very exciting score as well, one that I really enjoyed listening to and will listen to again, hopefully while playing the game as well.” (rate: 9,5/10)

Listen to Tilmans Anno 2205 Main Theme here: ANNO 2205 – The Second Wave Overture

Composer for MORTAL COMBAT X

Composer for MORTAL COMBAT X

Tilman and the Dynamedion team had the pleasure to invest their creativity into the new AAA title game “Mortal Kombat X”, developed by NetherRealm and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. They contributed the music for all storymode cutscenes.

Mortal Kombat X is a fighting video game available for PlayStation 3 + 4, Xbox 360 + One and Windows PC; plus mobile versions for iOS and Android devices.

Enjoy all cutscenes on youtube: Mortal Combat X Game Movie

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