Composer for Total War: WARHAMMER

1. Composer for Total War: W...

Together with Audio Director Richard Beddow, Ian Livingstone & Tim Wynn, Tilman composed orchestral music for Creative Assemblys “Total War: WARHAMMER”! The soundtrack was recorded with the Budapest Scoring Symphonic...
Composer for HITMAN

2. Composer for HITMAN

The second episode of HITMAN is released now! It sees Agent 47 travel to the beautiful, sun-drenched coastal town of Sapienza, Italy. This episode adds a new story mission, new challenges, new weapons and gear, the Italian suit and of...
Composer for ANNO 2205

3. Composer for ANNO 2205

Anno 2205 is a city-building and economic simulation game, with real-time strategy elements, developed by Ubisoft Blue Byte and published by Ubisoft. 2205 is the sixth game of the Anno series, and was released on 3 November 2015. As with...

Composer for MORTAL COMBAT X

Composer for MORTAL COMBAT X

Tilman and the Dynamedion team had the pleasure to invest their creativity into the new AAA title game “Mortal Kombat X”, developed by NetherRealm and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. They contributed the music for all storymode cutscenes.

Mortal Kombat X is a fighting video game available for PlayStation 3 + 4, Xbox 360 + One and Windows PC; plus mobile versions for iOS and Android devices.

Enjoy all cutscenes on youtube: Mortal Combat X Game Movie

Composer for Total War: Attila

Composer for Total War: Attila

Together with Audio Director Richard Beddow, Ian Livingstone & Tim Wynn, Tilman composed the soundtrack for Creative Assemblys “Total War: ATTILA”, which was again recorded with live orchestra, choir and many ethnic soloists.

“Total War: ATTILA” casts players back to 395 AD. A time of apocalyptic turmoil at the very dawn of the Dark Ages.

Listen to one of Tilmans Attila battle themes here: Warriors Of Ahura (Total War: Attila OST)

Movie Music International reviews RYSE soundtrack 10/10!

Movie Music International reviews our soundtrack for RYSE:SON OF ROME: “The listener is blown away by its epic sound, its quality compositions, its imaginative and innovative orchestrations and its sheer power. Ten out of ten for this one….”

Here you can read the complete review: Soundtrack review RYSE:SON OF ROME”

THE ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE – Soundtrack Production

THE ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE – Soundtrack Production

The Elder Scrolls is back with a gigantic MMORPG. Dynamedion is proud to have contributed the soundtrack production to the epic saga.

This is what Dynamedion’s Creative Director Music Tilman Sillescu says:
“The supervising and recording of the soundtrack for TESO was a great pleasure. Brad Derrick and Jeremy Soule have again delivered a fantastic piece of game soundtrack. The vibrant musical themes that you know from previous “The Elder Scrolls“ games have been perfectly transported to the new game to instantly make the player feel at home and to convey the spirit of the world of „The Elder Scrolls“. We recorded the soundtrack in Prague (Czech Republic) with the FILMharmonic Orchestra. Our featured solo vocalist Conny Kollet was recorded in Frankfurt (Germany) and further orchestral soloists in Budapest (Hungary) .”

Tilman Sillescu – An Interview for Gamers Listeners

“Over the last decade, Germany has grown to a superpower in the field of game music. Not only did Germans successfully promote fantastic concerts, but also they manage to provide the genre’s enthusiasts with top-notch original music almost every year. Tilman Sillescu, one of the founders of Dynamedion and currently the studio’s creative director, has had a huge contribution to this state of affairs. In his interview for Gamers Listeners, he talks about his newest projects (Ryse: Son of Rome), his usual and unusual responsibilities, and gives us a quick lesson about self-promotion.”

Read the complete interview here: Tilman Sillescu Interview

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